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Hubris Capital is an entrepreneurial investment firm that specializes in providing qualified investors access to situational investment opportunities in middle market commercial real estate. 


Hubris Capital employs a disciplined investment process that seeks to establish a wide margin of safety while generating significant alpha with every investment.  Hubris Capital mines disrupted real estate markets for hidden gems with a treasure hunter's obsessive determination and maintains the critical flexibility to make investments at the optimal attachment point in a target asset's capital structure.  We seek to unearth value from real estate assets of all types, sizes, ages and condition; but, we love broken capital stacks most of all.  As we venture onto the leading edge of contrarian investment ideas, the Hubris name reminds us to stay humble, respect the cycle-tested investment process, adhere to the precepts of value investing and continuously reexamine our investment theses.


Hubris Capital sustainably delivers enhanced returns and capital preservation through a rigorous application of our intellectual and financial capital.  In the process of maximizing risk-adjusted returns to investors, Hubris Capital continuously strives to be a prudent steward of the capital entrusted to us.  We keep to the key concepts of strict accountability, professional excellence and uncompromising integrity in executing our fiduciary responsibilities.


—Bac Nguyen, Managing Principal

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