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Why Hubris Capital?  We look at the investment landscape from a different perspective. To us, hubris is a good thing--it embodies great opportunity.  When hubris inevitably overcomes less prudent investors, we step in to salvage the valuable assets.

Intellectual Capital Devoted to Creating Alpha

Here at Hubris Capital, we believe every investment portfolio should own productive real estate assets.  While we specialize in providing qualified investors access to non-traditional opportunities in the domestic middle market commercial real estate space, Hubris Capital possesses the capability and flexibility to custom tailor real estate investment programs to fit the needs of most every investor.


Hubris Capital practices a contrarian, value investment philosophy in our pursuit of real estate opportunities.  We love deciphering what caused an asset to fall into distress and executing the solution to monetize the intrinsic value of the real estate.  Hubris Capital leads every phase of the investment processsourcing and identifying the investment opportunity, underwriting the asset, negotiating and closing the acquisition, obtaining leverage as needed, formulating and executing the asset's business plan, and managing the final disposition.

Lower tier markets, markets proscribed by regulators, distressed/disrupted markets, failing capital structures, bankruptcy, special servicer auctionsHubris Capital thrives in these special situations.  We instinctively gravitate to the capital void and corresponding asymmetric investment opportunities created when banks, conduit lenders, insurance companies, large debt funds, GSE's and other major capital sources shun a market.  Hubris Capital has had consistent success uncovering real estate gems hidden among the piles of unwanted assets discarded by distressed, inattentive and indiscriminate sellers.


Hubris tailors for our investors investment programs focused exclusively on assets with a significant real estate component.  We leverage our comprehensive real estate investment experience to capitalize on special situations where market disruptions cause pricing to diverge from fundamental value and creates compelling investment return opportunities.


Hubris endeavors to be prudent stewards of our investors' capital.  Strict accountability, professional excellence and uncompromising integrity represent core tenets of our operational philosophy.  Additionally, we invest intellectual capital and risk financial capital alongside our investors.


Hubris sources investment opportunities from a large network cultivated over years spent navigating the credit and real estate markets.  We rigorously and creatively apply a deeply analytical investment process to grow investors' capital with superior risk adjusted returns.  Our investment results are robust and repeatable.


Interested investors should contact us directly via email or at the office number listed below. 

Dallas, TX 75201


(O): 214.736.4427

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